GloZell Net Worth

GloZell Net Worth : GloZell Lynette Simon  is a popular Youtube Star who has earned herself ample fame and wealth in the process of V logging through advertisements and endorsements. She founded her youtube channel back in 2008 and as of 2016 she has earned herself  a Networth of impressive $0.5 Million.  Admirable ; isn’t it ? Let’s peek inside her life more .

She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Florida . Although her claim to fame is not her Fine Arts Skills but her ability to make her audience laugh out loudly . Yes , she is a Comedy Queen and her youtube videos are a living proof of it . Her audience loves her jolly and juvenile jokes . She is definitely creative at what she does . lets take her first video as an example which was  titled as My Push up Bra will help me get my man. Can you see her quirky sense of humor ?  Yes ! She gives a hilarious twist to a social reality. In fact She’s really good at song parodies, impersonations, and all types of jokes. Her famous phrase if  “ Is you Okay ” ?

She is also into music . GloZell has her own music label GloZell Inc. She made four albums so far. Another source of income instead of salary .

Love Life :  She is happily married to her manager S.K.” Simon since 2013.