Manny Mua Net Worth

Manny Mua is a famous Youtube Makeup Artist who has earned such fame and cash by dint of makeup videos. As of 2018, his net worth has risen to $ 1 Million dollars from about $350,000 in 2015.  Let’s dive into some more spicy details about this kinky looking makeup artist.

Manny calls himself Boy Beauty Vlogger and he teases his viewers by asking them ” Is there such a thing as aBoy Beauty Vlogger?  Yes, there is”.  His total number of subscribers of youtube have risen to 4.1 Million. All in all his channel is hosting 289 Videos. 

Born on April 4, 1991, in San Diego, California, Manny is Openly gay.  He has not revealed much about his dating life but our close resources have confirmed that he is single as of now. He is very amiable and jovial with his fans and more than often connects with them in the comment section of his youtube vids.

Manny Started his YouTube journey back in 2014 it didn’t take him long make his mark. He is uploading makeup tutorials, fun challenges, hauls and product reviews on his channel. His most famous Videos include No Mirror Makeup Challenge ,  What’s in My Mouth Challenge, The Boyfriend Tag and many more.

Manny, despite being a man is gifted with some impressive makeup Sense. In his videos, he is spotted making some artistic and expert use of makeup products such as palettes, mascaras, and highlighters. Manny hasn’t restricted himself to Solo performances and he has collaborated with some other Youtube Makeup artists, both emerging and already famous such as such as Jaclyn Hill and Jeffree Star .