Coby Persin Net Worth

Coby Persin is a heart throbbing  Prankster  on You tube who has managed to grab the attention  and sense of humor of millions of people across the globe .  He is indeed one of the leading pranksters on you tube of his Genre .  With his 79 Videos  he has been able to garner 7.9 Million You tube Followers and  as of January, 2018 .  As of his net worth , he is definitely putting up an impressive show .

Coby’s Net worth in 2016 was  approximately $1.5 million  which has elevated to  $ 3 Million as of 2018 . He is also enjoying an INSTAGRAM following of 211 thousand as of today .   Coby is not only a prankster , in fact he is also a teacher and Social experimenter . How ?  Just keep reading .

Coby keeps making videos where he does some social experiments which are usually meant at either nudging the conscience of the society or alluding to some chronic need or awakening which the society requires . One of his such videos is The Dangers Of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment) Girl Edition! . Other hit videos of him are How To Order Mcdonald’s Like A Boss  and  Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants! .

Coby  , having had worked as a male model for for Abercrombie & Finch likes to flaunt his lavish lifestyle on insta gram more than often .  He has graced his Instagram with his photos while he is driving his Bentley Continental GT  and also while he is travelling to work on his Private Jet . 

Lest we forget to include , Coby  also did  Modelling  for Fuerte Men, Mentality Magazine or the NFL.