Owen Cook Net Worth


Owen Cook is a  famous pickup artist  and dynamic a youtube celebrity who has an estimated net worth of $ 5 Million as of 2016  . He is considered one of the top-notch pickup artists in that community . He is the founder of the company ” Real Social Dynamics ” which makes ” Men out of Boys ” i.e teaches men how to become adept at the art of Attraction .

Owen , who calls himself a  ” Ginger Baldy  Boy ”  is hardly a 5 ft 7 inches tall but his sheer confidence and his uncanny ability to pull girls has earned him the status of a  “ Chick magnet ” . He has a huge youtube following and he keeps on releasing a number of  RSD products . He has ventured into making a number of Youtube Channels where he consistently keeps on uploading Motivational , pickup and Art of attraction related videos.

Owen moved from Canada to USA in 2003 . He was a very average looking guy who had a very testing childhood on  account of hailing from a tormented family and having a drunkard father . He keeps on alluding to his scary childhood in his lectures but his success lies in the fact that he was a voracious Learner . He went an extra mile to overcome the short-comings in his physical personality . And in the same pursuit , he enrolled himself as a student with the famous Pick up Artist Mystery . Mystery and Owen later had a bad blood and as per Mystery’s best friend Neil Strauss ( aka :Style ) who is a Newyork’s Best Seller with his Book ” The Game ” , Owen stabbed mystery in his back . In fact such a Scary image of Owen was portrayed in the Book ” The Game ” that  it took Owen years to come out of that Scary image . His youtube channel helped him a lot in this recovery as people saw that Owen was different from the heinous person that he was portrayed in Style’s book .

Owen’s confidence-boosting book “The Blueprint Decoded” became a big hit along with many other Video Courses he released under the banner of RSD .  Currently, he is married and has a beautiful young boy .  Not much is known about his personal life , but this man is an inspiration to millions of  teenagers and men across the world who want to become confident and attractive to fairer-sex .