Nicole Guerriero Net Worth

Nicole Guerriero , an online beauty adviser and now an online celebrity with a following of 3 Million subscribers , has a Net worth of $1.2 Million as of 2015. Her active social media is YouTube channel called nguerriero19. Apart from youtube , she has her own website and twitter plus Instagram accounts. How she managed to attain such zenith of fame and Wealth is an enticing story .

she was born in Tampa , Floria and would work as a bar-tender. But this was not her passion. She herself would not have dreamt of how her hobby of makeup shall hitch her to the skies. Her first video was an Elf haul. In a series of videos ,  She went through Elf cosmetics she purchased and reviewed it. She describes her own style as natural glam.

Nicole posts videos on DIY’s, fashion, health, and also celebrity inspired makeup tutorials. As an example of  celebrity inspired makeup tutorials , she did  “Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup”.