Charles Trippy Net worth

Charles Trippy is a youtube Blogger who is famous for sharing his personal life there and in the process he has earned himself a stellar net worth of $1.3 Million.  He is different from most youtubers in the sense that his videos are simple recordings of everything which is happening in his life ; ranging from cooking to his Love Life . He shares his  illness, dating life, even marriage and following divorce.  Strange , isn’t it ?

Charles was a regular American guy who aimed to record his personal life in the form of youtube Vids back in 2008.He actually aspired to do that for only one year . But considering the attention and following he received , he definitely changed his plans and continued for many years to come .

His channel known also as CTFxC was created in 2009 and currently has almost 1.5 million subscribers. He has even created a Guinness World Record for being the most consecutive video blogs on YouTube.

As of his Love Life , he was engaged to a girl named Ally Rhodes before his internet career started . However they split in 2008 . Later he met Allison Trippy and married her . The details of their relationship were regularly documented on his youtube channels.  Sadly , they parted ways in 2014 .

Again, Charles didn’t stay without feminine company for a long time. In 2014, he started dating hot blonde Allie Wesenberg. She gained a nickname Squiggles since in the early stages of their relationship her face was squiggled out on Trippy’s vlogs. Later on, when her face and identity were revealed ,  his subscribers doubted Charles of having a fetish with the name ” Allison” , as all his girlfriends were of the same name . But Charles repudiated this accusation, calling it merely a coincidence .