Tanya Burr net worth


Tanya Burr is a famous Video-logger  and makeup artist who belongs to the new genre of Vloggers Millionaires. Burr’s 2015 net worth is estimated to be £1.5 million which is approximately $2.3 million.Her monthly income is estimated to be around £20,000 by advertisements and endorsements from the makeup brands whose stuff she markets in her videos. But  did she stop at that ?

Not at all . In 2014 ,Tanya started her own diffusion line called Tanya Burr Cosmetics.  Her celebrity status was manifested by her appearance as a judge at the Elle Beauty Awards . Such a stature , at such small age is rare . She definitely is a celebrity at what she does .

Blurr does not conform to the notion of  ” Resting on her Success” , as she wrote a beauty guide in 2015 named  Love, Tanya.  The guide resulted in impressive sales and ended up by adding another stream of income in the already such booming Networth of Burr . Lucky Lady !