Cameron Dallas Net Worth

Cameron Dallas is a vibrant youngster who is an internet sensation and as of 2016 , he holds a Networth of Solid $1.2 Million . His rise to fame and wealth are his Vine Social network activities. He is uploading his videos there which are bringing him handsome income. In fact , he earned his first million when he was hardly 20 years old.

His short vids on Vine are mostly about the pranks he plays and the jokes he make . He has nearly 7 Million followers on Vine and they no sign of retreating. Born in 1994 in Chino Hills, California , Cameron  started his media career in 2013.  It did not take him long to become a sensational hit as the fairy of luck smiled at him right from the start.

Later in 2015 , he tried his luck in acting and singing and his luck didn’t disappoint him in this area as well . He released his first single named She Bad and also played on two episodes of American Odyssey. Nobody knows for sure if he is single , but considering his good lucks and talent , he is definitely a heartthrob for millions of girls across the whole globe .