RiceGum Net Worth


RiceGum is a young , vibrant , funny and  dynamic Youtuber who has a Networth of  $1.3 Million as of 2016. His real name is Bryan Lee.  He enjoys the status of a youtube star on account of having 3 Million Subscribers. He started his videos about the Video Game , Call of Duty . But now he has diversified himself into various formats like pranks and funny videos.

Bryan was born November 19, 1996 in United States . He jumped in the V-logging arena in 2012 , and after gaining his considerable success with another famous Vlogger Machinima , he has opted for solo channels . His second channel is named as RiceGumExtra . The extent of his talent can be gauged from the fact that although he posted Only 5 videos  in July 2016, yet the channel already amassed over 500,000 subscribers.

His most popular videos are Fouseytube Must be Stopped!!!, Mackenzie Ziegler Roast Me!!!, and These Kids Must Be Stopped #6. Many of his famous videos are about pranking some other famous YouTuber, such as Loren Beech, Hunter Rowland, and Jacob Sartorius.  So basically he is battling with other YouTubers _ Bold boy , isn’t he ?

As if youtube was not enough , He’s also active on Twitch.  He entertains his audience by making them privy to his private life’s spicy happenings. For example , he recently revealed on Twitter that his mother is late with his lunch because she’s playing Pokemon Go one her smartphone.  Interesting Boy ,  Yes , we agree .


Young YouTuber Bryan Le is more famous under his online nickname RiceGum. His popular YouTube channel reached almost 3 million subscribers in 2016. Original scope of his channel was gaming, mostly Call of Duty. However, he now posts various funny videos. As of 2016, RiceGum’s net worth is about $1.3 million.