Zeke Tenhoff Net Worth


Zeke Tenhoff is a professional Gold digger , dredger maker and now a reality TV cast member who has made some handsome cash in the process of fishing and TV Reality shows. Zeke is the one who gave job to Emily Riedel , a fellow cast member who has now gone solo in gold mining ,  to work on the Clark Gold Dredge . Zeke and Emily experienced a Love to Not so Loving  relationship journey, which was captured on the screen of the Reality Show Bering Sea Gold .

During the first season , Zeke’s dregde The Clark recovered In the first Season, only 38 ounces worth of gold valued at $65,000.00 . Zeke did not rest on his laurels and he kept reinvesting whatever he earned during his previous seasons .  During Season 3 , Zeke made a reentry with another dredge called “Miss Nomer” . This time luck was not smiling at him and he ended up recovering less than 17 ounces of gold that’s not even worth $22,000.00. His perseverance paid in  Season 4 finding over 55 ounces of gold worth over $65,000.00 at the current spot price.

Zeke’s Ex and now a competitor , Emily almost earned triple the amount of gold money as compared to Zeke in the last season.  Zeke’s net worth as of now is estimated at $100,000 .