Tony Beets Net Worth

Tony Beets is an expert and seasoned Gold mining prospector  and presently a TV reality star who is a part of the main cast of the Discovery Channel’s Reality TV show : Gold RUSH .  Tony is the owner of the Tamarack Mine . Gold Mining is a very complex , unpredictable but if Luck smiles upon you , a very profitable business . As a result , Tony has his fair share of Loses and Wins in this Game for Gold . But all in all , he has made himself enough wealth and as of 2016 , he possesses a Net worth of $15 Million . Let’s Excavate further into the interesting fact of this Gold Miner’s Life .

Tony was Born on December 15, 1959 , Wijdenes, Netherlands . He worked for his family for many years, and then relocated to Canada to seek better career opportunities. In Canada , he worked in the construction company for three years . In the fateful year of 1984 , Tony began mining for gold in the  Dawson City, in the Yukon Territory of Canada .

Tony  has three daughters named Monica Beets, Mike and Kevin from his wife Minnie .  Monica has gone after her father and she has been a part of his Mining Missions since her childhood . She would accompany him from the tender age of 10 years . She became a skilled worker at handling various jobs at the mining field , at the age of 16 . And surprisingly , Monica became a supervisor of her father’s Mining operations , at the age of 18 . Monica is a part of the Discovery Channel’s  Gold Rush , since the season 2 .  She acts shoulder to shoulder with her dad and she definitely is the pride of her father .

Presently , Tony is busy running and mining his  Tamarack Mine . It is not a child’s play to work on the mine . Tony and his company are famous for giving chance to teenagers for working on his Mine , but hardly a few of them can keep up with the strenuous nature of job. Most of them either quit or are fired . Those who sustain became an integral  part of the Beet’s Working Family . This Mine makes up his major source of income . Being on the reality TV shows is definitely an added source of income stream which shall add to the Family’s Net worth .

Tony and His family ( all of his four children ) are now  amongst the permanent cast of the Gold Rush . In the show , Several teams of gold miners search for gold at several different locations with varying degrees of success.  The Miners are a mix of  experienced and inexperienced Miners . Amongst the experienced ones are Todd Hoffman, son of a gold miner who was inspired by his father’s bold undertakings in the 1980s, 94-year-old mine-owner John Schnabel, another mine-owner, Tony Beet  . Amongst the greenhorns who are still learning the tricks of the gold mining trade are  Chris Doumitt, Michael Halstead, Dave Turin and Jim Thurber . The show began airing on the Discovery Channel in 2010 and is now in its  Seventh season and has aired over 100 episodes. It has become one of the channel’s most highly ranked series. The show owes its popularity to  the larger than life personalities who appear on the show and  the tensed and challenging situations which flare up between the team members while they are digging the gold alongside the Machinery’s limits .

Tony’s Wife  Minnie is an integral part of the operation . She helps handle the company’s paperwork and accounting.  Tony’s ultimate dream is  to have two highly producing mines running simultaneously. But Tony must be happy that this show , Gold Rush is already running for seventh season and the show is seeing great success  as it keeps Friday’s top ratings among men  who are aged between 18 and 49 years of age. In the fifth season , In fifth season, Tony bought big floating industrial bucket dredge in Clear Creek for a whooping $1 million.