Victoria Osteen Net Worth

Victoria Osteen Net Worth : Victoria Osteen is a Houston-based Pastor  and author who has a net worth  of  mouth-watering $40 Million in 2016. She is the Wife of  most famous protestant Pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen. Their combined worth is even greater as they own a luxurious and magnanimous  17,000 square-foot mansion in Houston that’s valued at approximately $10.5 million. She works as a co-pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas along with her husband.

Victoria is  an accomplished author of several books : Some of her masterpieces include ;  Love Your Life: Living Happy, Healthy,  several children’s books. In one of her inspirational quote she says that :

There are a lot of times that we feel like our hands are tied – ‘I have no control over if I’m going to lose my job.’ ‘I have no control over if I’m going to be able to pay my bills.’ You’ve got to realize that that’s where your trust comes in. You have to trust God, and keep your hope, because your hope is what produces your faith “

She  was married to Joel in 1987 as they still are happily married . They have two beautiful kids.