Brooke baldwin net worth

Brooke Baldwin is a gorgeous looking American News Anchor who is famous for her looks and wits and she holds a net worth of $ 2 Million as of 2016 . She is multi-lingual, since she is adept at speaking  both Spanish and English .Since October 2010, she has been hosting the CNN Newsroom, an intensive news program that airs from 2 to 4 pm daily. Let’s explore more about this sizzling sweetheart of CNN .

Brooke was born in Atlanta on July 12, 1979; this was at the same period when the infamous “Atlanta murders”, in which at least 28 people were mysteriously killed, was at its initial stages. She got her rudimentary education from the Westminster school . Talking about her Memorable moment from School , she recalls that  at the age of 13, she along with other classmates attended the annual United States Space Camp  . In that event , Brooke was chosen to lead other kids. Brooke has named that feeling was “incredibly cool” . 

From the University of North Carolina (UNC) , she graduated simultaneously with two bachelor’s degrees: one in journalism and another in Spanish. Before landing her current position at CNN , she was serving as a contributor for the same program under another former CNN anchor  Rick Sanchez . Rick was replaced on account of his offensive comments and this proved to be a shining moment for Brooke. Since then , she is hosting that program .

Two of the most scintillating moments of her career would be her interviewing the paternal family of the current President of the United States , Mr. Barrack OBAMA in Kenya and her award-winning investigative documentary entitled “To catch a Killer”. To meet Obama’s family , she went to Kenya in 2014 .   To Catch a Killer, is a  masterpiece documentary  about a seemingly normal man who makes an astonishing revelation before his   investigators   that he Murdered over 33 people. This iconic documentary won a silver medal in the 2012 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.