Parker Schnabel Net worth

Parker Schnabel is a young American gold Miner and a reality TV star who has found fame while digging for Gold and he holds a net worth of $ 1 Million as of 2016 . He is a cast member in Discovery Channel’s famous Reality show with the name Gold Rush . Gold Rush focuses on Parker and several of his competitors that are mining in Yukon Territory of Canada. Although the gold prices are dwindling but this precious metal shall never be a waste of time , energy and investment . Compared to other professions , gold mining is much more risky and unpredictable but brave hearts like parker are all set to accept the challenge .

Parker is the youngest of the cast members .  His net worth was $50,000 as of 2015  .  In a second season, Parker found 34 ounces (960 g) of gold that were worth $55,000. By appearing in later seasons , Parker kept enhancing his net worth and as of the present season , he has gifted himself the stature of a young Millionaire .

Parker was Born in Haines, Alaska . He has been involved with mining since his childhood . Parker grew up working for his grandfather’s mining company, Big Nugget. His grandfather , John Schnabel accompanied him throughout his gold mining ventures until March 2016 . John sadly died in march of 2016 . Parker’s Dad , Roger Schnabel also provided his services during the show , when Parker was met with the Challenge of reaching that part of the creek which had no road . Roger being a seasoned road builder could not see his son’s dream shattering to pieces and he volunteered to make a road using which the gold mining  vehicles could make it to that tortuous part of the creek which was inaccessible before .

Parker is in high school presently but his passion for thrill and gold mining has made him step into his family’s business of Gold mining under the expert auspices of his late grand -dad . Parker’s personality depict him as a curious and avid Explorer and outdoorsman . The same innate tendencies have enabled him to opt for geology or mining studies in college, with the intention of returning to run the family mine.

The show’s first episode was debuted in December  2010 . Parker made his presence felt during the episodes when he helped the miners when they found themselves to a point of  no end in site . Parker has leadership skills and the right amount of guts which he demonstrated when he took the charge of day to day operations  after his grand dad had to leave after suffering a heart attack while he was on the mining site . Parker made the controversial decision to move away from his home mining area to seek new fortunes in the Yukon territory. He utilized his own college trust funds  to fund the operation.

In the third season, Parker returned there with more efficient equipment. Hence proving that this profession is worth an investment. Schnabel got 191 oz. of gold  in this season.  So far, five seasons were filmed for Gold Rush and Discovery already announced that they opting for the seventh season .


Parker Schnabel’s girl friend name is Ashley yule . They met in Australia . Their meetings in Australia were such filled with love that Parker invited her to America .Parker claims that we both had no clue what is ging to happen between us but Ashley is an easy going person , therefore there are bright chances for them ahead . Being Parker Schanbel’s girlfriend is a challenge in itself , as naturally she will have to spend time in the mining sites. She has accompanied Parker there and helping him there is certain tasks like driving the truck , cleaning gold , helping with fueling the vehicles and machines .