Ramona Singer net worth


Ramona is one of those personalities who rose to fame by dint of  a Reality TV shows and as of now she enjoys anet worth of  approximately $ 18 Million in 2016 .  Talking of wealth , Romana was already a rich lady even before she appeared on the Reality TV show  The Real Housewives of New York City , which started in 2008 .  But this TV show definitely added a lot to her already fabulous net worth . Let’s see how it happened .

Romana has been continuously making into the Cast of  The Real Housewives of New York City since her first appearance in 2008 . Ramona’s salary per season increased drastically from $275 thousand to $500 thousand for the fifth season. That makes it $28 thousand per episode. Her total net worth is approximately $18 million.In the start  of this show , Most housewives were paid about $7,500 per first season. But as the fame of show ascended , so did the salaries of the cast members . As of 2015, Singer and few others make over half a million per season.

Romana was married to a guy named Mario . The couple was reasonably rich even before Romana’s rise to fame . What gives impetus to the fact that they were wealthy is the fact that they bought a luxurious mansion in Hamptons for stunning $875,000 in 1995.  That is the same home where Romana caught her hubby cheating on her and this led to their proceedings for divorce .  To settle the Divorce costs , they have put the house for sale . And thr price they are asking in extremely low ; its only $3290,000 . However renting it shall cost one $2900 per day. Pheww !!  Pretty Costly .   It’s 7,000-square-foot large and  it has a big swimming pool. The location of the property is also very picturesque.