Nordan shat net worth

Nordan Shat who is more famous by his youtube name Faze Rain is a Canadian based Video-logger who enjoys a net worth of $800,000 as of 2016 . He has a whopping following of estimated 1.9 Million subscribers on his youtube channel . He is earning money by the handsome money which advertisers are willing to pay him for placing ads on his channel . In fact,  Social media and Video streaming sites like Youtube , Vimeo and Vine  have delegated the power of   disseminating entertainment and content in the hands of common people ; and young generation has made the best use of these online tools to turn them into a lot of  Young Millionaires . 

Nordan was born May 29, 1996 in Toronto, Canada. He started uploading videos on his youtube channel in 2010.  There come a time in 2011 when he opted for  deleting many of  his oldest material . On being asked the reason for this deletion , Nordan  revealed that  he felt it wasn’t up to his current standards.  Seems to us that his standards have definitely raised a lot .

This young online celeb has blessings of both Money & Bosoms as he is dating  a hot looking blonde named Taylor. She appears in many of his videos.

Apart from his main channel TrickShotting that is completely dedicated to Online gaming , Shat also owns his personal vlog channel OMFGRain.Nordan plays games (mostly Call of Duty) with his fellow FaZe Clan members. And you have all the right to envy him since  he basically plays for money . A few of his famous vids include :Green screen game, and I lost $15, 000.