king bach net worth

King Nash is an Actor, comedian and Vine Video logger and he enjoys an estimated net worth of $2.8 Million. With over 5.8 billion loops on Vine he has amassed the largest following with over 15 million followers. He merely started uploading his content on Vine in 2013 and look at the zenith of Success he has achieved in a matter of 2 years. That is called the Magic of  Video Logging .

His Real name is Andrew B. Bachelor. He was born in Canada into a family of accountants.  King also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Florida State University. King Bach enrolled to New York Film Academy but dropped out later. Until he became a Vine sensation , less could imagine that he had this talent hidden in him.

He is not limited to Vine , as he has appeared on many episodes of the  ” Series House of Lies “.  But definitely, his Vine Channel is responsible for the standing he enjoys today . In his videos , He creates  his alter ego . Alter Egos are the characters which have different personalities and qualities . His alter ego ,  Andrew has calm outgoing nature. Yet, King Bach is very cheery adrenalized fellow. It certainly works and his fame and wealth are rising day after day .

King definitely has such a career ahead of him as he has more than 3 Billion Loops on Vine . It means that the advertisers shall be all set to pay him to his heart’s fill for marketing their products  on his videos. He is the Blue eyed Lad of the Advertisers Now .