Faze Apex Net Worth


Faze Apex is the co creator of the Faze Clan and as of 2018 he holds a net worth of nearly $ 2 Million Dollars . Faze clan is actually a tribe of players who are online gamers and they usually compete with each other for the famous game CALL OF DUTY .  Do you know how many  Followers Faze Apex has  on his youtube Channel ?

Faze Apex’s you tube channel has nearly 4.7 million Subscribers and the channel boasts for hosting almost 1663 videos .  Do you know the Clan Member who has more youtube Subscription than  Faze Apex ?  

His name is Nordan Shat  aka Faze Rain  .   

Faze Apex is also earning from selling merchandise like T shirts which hold the Faze Clan Logos .  His instagram channel is also famous where he keeps posting his pictures with his cute little nephew named Baby FAZE . Faze is fond of racing cars . And he is not shy to flaunt the pics of his Chevrolet Camaro which he acquired in 2014.