Jerry Purpdrank net worth

Jerry Purpdrank’s rags to riches story shall make you believe in Social Media miracles as he holds a solid net worth of $ 2.5 Million as of 2016. In the process , he has amassed  an estimated 68 Million followers on VINE .  Vine is a social media platform which lets you upload a 6 seconds Vids , intended mostly for the Smart phone viewers .

Jerry is a smart guy with entrepreneurial instincts . He often collaborates with other popular Vine stars, such as Hannah Stocking , puppy drank and King Bach . Such a collaboration,  enables both artists to take advantage of each other’s fan bases. Purpdrank also often impersonates a famous rapper Lil Wayne.

In 2015 , Jerry starred in a Movie  Get the Girl. The movie did good at the box office and it managed to hitch Jerry to the league of  upcoming  talented artists .