Matthew Aantoro Net Worth

Matthew Aantoro Net Worth :  Matthew Santoro is a former accountant and now a star Youtube Celebrity whose current Networth has been estimated to be around $2.4 Million. He has achieved this amazing Net worth by the advertisements on Youtube channel which is followed by 5 Million Subscribers . Amazing ; isn’t it ?  How he managed to reach this stage is an interesting story.

In 2012 , Mathew was laid off from his job as an accountant . His very first video was about this tragedy which he captured in a Video  titled  I Lost My Job Today.  He then dedicated himself entirely to making Videos on Youtube.  He is specialized in making a Blend of Education & Fun in his Videos ,loved by his viewers. Especially popular is his 50 Amazing Facts series

Amongst his videos , the most popular ones are : 10 Creepy Urban Legends That Turned Out to be True! which  won nearly 10.5 Million Views ; and also his How to Stop Procrastinating video is  very famous amongst the audience.