Nash Grier Net worth

Nash Grier is a 17 years old Video-logger who has amassed a  Net Worth of $ 1 Million as of 2015.  He releases his video’s on Vine and has managed to build up a  huge following . It is said that many brands are paying up to $ 100,000 for a product placement in his videos.  It is such amazing to see how platforms like youtube and Vine are in the process of building Millionaires out of thin air . Vine was launched in 2013 only while Youtube was launched in 2005.

He was born 1997 in North Carolina, USA . He is currently enjoying a Celebrity status . He was invited twice on
Good Morning America Show . Also, he has managed to clinch a deal with the Awesomeness TV .  He  shall be appearing on a number of upcoming movies of Awesomeness TV .

As of his Videos on Vine , he is more notorious than famous . Ironically he is most popular in Teen girls, when he is known for  being racist, homophobic, and promoting unhealthy beauty standards for girls . So definitely this young dude is  somehow hitting the nail right on the head and despite his condescending and sometimes acrimonious comments , he still is the heartthrob of Millions of girls around the globe .