Loni Love Net Worth


Loni Love net worth: Loni Love is an American Comedian who has a won an Oscar by dint of her Comedic roles. Before she joined acting as a career she was working for the general motors as a full-time employee as she also holds an engineering degree.  She was born in Detroit, Michigan.  As of 2017, she holds a net worth of $ 1 Million Dollars. 

Loni Love’s comedy skills were recognized for the first time once she performed for a local stand-up comedy competition while she was still completing her studies.  Before becoming a full-time comedian, she worked for Xerox for eight years.  During the same time, she was occasionally performing for the Stand-up Comedy Clubs like Laugh Factory. 

Now that she is a nationwide celebrity, she has performed at several successful projects both on Television and Movies which include: “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”, “Cuts”, “Thick and Thin”, “Kickin’ It”, and “Soul Plane”. Apart from these, she has graced several TV shows with her commendable comedy skills such as “Premium Blend”, “Comics Unleashed” and “The Tonight Show”.