Dr Dre Net worth


Dr. Dre Networth: Dr. Dre ,whose real name is Andre Ramella young, is a famous American rapper, having a Networth of $710 Million.

Major Fortune Strides 

On May 2018,  Apple acquired his company “Beats By DRE” for a whopping $3 Billion. Out of which  $2.4 Billion was in cash while the remaining $400 million was in Stock. At that time, Dr. Dre owned 25 % of the total shares of the Beats company.

As a result of this deal,  his share amounted to  $750 Million before paying taxes and shrank to $500 million after taxes.  He owns 9 figure cash stash and some of the most lucrative Estate property in California. On March 31, 2016, he marked the second spot at Forbes Five  which is a list of the top five richest hip-hop artists in the world.

Most illustrious Snippets of His Career & Life 

Dr. Dre was born in 1965 in Compton, California. His real is Andre Romelle Young. He was the very first Child of Theodore and Verna Young. His parents got separated later on.  Academically he was not a very bright student After being denied an apprenticeship at his High School; he then focused on entertainment and his social life throughout the rest of his tenure at the high School.

His Music career is a mix of some inspiring and challenging incidents.  He emerged as a DJ for the first time in 1984 at a Club named Ever After Dark; the same club where he used to once visit to listen to other DJs performing.

From 1986 to 91, he was a part of  a record company “ NWA & Ruthless Records”,  being run by a local Rapper Easy -Z.  N.W.A stood for “Niggaz With Attitude” and was inclined to producing Music which brought the gangster lifestyle to the mainstream. Their Song “Fuck the Police” became a major success even with almost no Radio airplay and concerts.

From 1991__1996: After Leaving the Ruthless Records, Dr. Dre formed the Death Row Records with the help of a notorious strongman, Suge Knight. There Dr. Dre released his first Single, which was the title track of the movie “Deep Cover ”along with Snoop Dog. In 1995, Ruthless Records signed 2 Pac Shakur as their main star. Dr. Dre remained a part of Death Row Records from 1991 to 1996.  He left it in 1996  for Suge Knight was way too much controversial, intimidating and corrupt figure to carry on with. Also the murder of 2pac Shakur nosedived the profits of Death Row Records immensely.

In 2008, Dr.Dre formed  “Beats By Dre ” along with Interscope’s chairperson Jimmy Lovine; a company that would specialize in the production of Microphones.

Recently, he has been quoted as saying that he is done as an artist and also that he suffers from social anxiety. In an interview with the magazine Roller Coaster, he stated that he had about 40 songs ready for the Album Detox, but they were not up to his standards, so he is planning not to release them.