Kwebbelkop Net Worth

Kwebbelkop is a dutch You tube celebrity whose real name is  Jordi van den Bussche  and he has been able to garner a huge league of  you tube followers .  As of 2018  , he has a following of 7.8 million subscribers. Talkking about his net worth , he is going strong with a Net worth of approximately $3.2 million  .  You shall love love  some more spic stuff from his personal life .

Guess how many Videos is he hosting on his  Youtbe Channel ?  An impressive 3142 Videos as of today he is hosting. You could be wondering about his hot girlfriend as of now .  Yes ?  Without further ado , allow us to reveal his diva looking girl friend whose name is  Azzyland .   Lets talk a little more about this hot brunette .

Azzyland is not only sizzling hot looking but she herself is a famous you tuber and online game player . She has appeared in some of the most famous vids of kwebbelkop namely Blindfolded Challenge (featuring Azzyland) . You can dig further details about this Ms. Cuteness by clicking here .

Some other famous vids of Kewbbelkop’s  are What am I Kissing? and Guess the Age Challenge. This Youtube celebrity who was born in Netherland in 1995 is surely all set to take the global audience by storm .