Doug Polk net worth

Doug Polk , born in California on December 16th, 1988, is a professional poker player who enjoys a Net worth of  $9 million as of 2017 as per profitingatpoker.   Polk has managed to reach the final Table of   World Poker Series for three times. Let’s explore more interesting details about his Financial resources .

Doug also owns a YouTube Channel named Doug Polk Palker which has a follower ship of 160 ,000 and 35 Million views as of December 2017 .  Doug since his tender age of five was a precocious Child when it came to strategy games like Chess .  He found a mentor in the form of his father who helped hone his natural born talent. His love for poker became the factor behind his dropping out from the college . But it actually was a blessing in disguise as it ultimately led to him becoming the most famous Online poker player of all times.

Polk is definitely one of the best and most feared poker players of all times. His prize money as of 2017 has been calculated to be around 1 Million USD . He seems to have a very bright career ahead by dint of his sheer talent in the game of poker .