Jennifer Aniston net worth

Jennifer Aniston net worth: Jennifer Aniston is an Actress , producer and a famous celebrity whose net worth is $150 Million. She was born on  February 11, 1969. Her father was a famous greek businessman and her mother was an American actress , Nancy Dow. She spent a year of her childhood in Greece before shifting to Pennsylvania ,USA. Her father and mother split when she was just nine years old. In 2015, she spoke about a childhood incident that led to her lifelong hydrophobia ( fear of drowning).  She revealed this on a special event for her film Cake that  :, “I basically have a real fear of going underwater. I was a kid and I was riding this tricycle around a swimming pool, and I drove my tricycle into the swimming pool, and I didn’t let go, and my brother tried to (help). So, I can’t go underwater, and no one will believe me. I honestly can’t.” The incident led to filming a swimming pool scene 30 times on the set of the film before Aniston could do it right.

Aniston moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to try her luck. She did a number of odd jobs before she got a role in the television. From 1994 to 2004 she played the role of Rachel Green in the ever so famous Comedy Sitcom FRIENDS.This made her a household name. Her hairstyle became such famous that it went viral in her female following. During 2003 and 2004, Aniston and her colleagues earned  $1 million for every episode of friends.  This made them the most earning Tv celebrities of that era. She has appeared in a variety of films, notably Bruce Almighty, Along Came Polly, The Break-Up, and the independent drama The Good Girl, which earned her praise in the critical media along with hefty earnings. She gained critical acclaim for her performance in the movie The Good Girl (2002), playing an unglamorous cashier who cheats on her husband. The movie opened in relatively few theaters – under 700 in total – making US$14 million at the U.S. box office.

Movie Earnings:

Her Movie Break up Grossed grossed approximately US$39.17 million during its opening weekend and US$204 million worldwide.

In 2008, her comedy-drama Marley & Me was released It set a record for the largest Christmas Day box office ever with US$14.75 million in ticket sales. It earned a total of US$51.7 million over the four-day weekend. Marley& Me grossed a total of US$242.7 million worldwide.

In 2009, Her Movie with Ben Afflick, “She is not into you ” grossed $178.8 Million world wide.

By June 2010, her movies had grossed nearly $1 Billion in the USA and $1.7 Billion worlds over.

Relationship :

She married the most handsome hero of Hollywood, Brad Pitt in 2000. Sadly their marriage lasted for only 6 years.
Afterward, Aniston :her affairs with many actors became a gossip material for the celebrity magazines.

Quick Guide About Aniston:

Date of Birth
Feb 11, 1969 (47 years old)
Actor, Film Director, Voice Actor, Film Producer
United States of America
5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
112 lbs (50.8 kg)
Greek American
Scottish American
Italian American
Jennifer Joanna Aniston, Jennifer Aniston Arquette, Jennifer Aniston Pitt, Jen, Jenny, Jennifer Pitt