Jackie Christie net worth: $10 Million


Jackie Christie net worth : Jackie Christie is a famous American Celebrity , actress , author who has graced some reality shows with her passionate and powerful presence . She has a Networth of $10 Million. Her place of birth is Seattle, Washington.  Her date of birth is July 7 , 1969.  She has authored many books that are titled: Sexual Relations, No ordinary Love, Woman, Proud to be a Colored Girl, Luv-Pons, and In The Land of Sex & Money. She is married to a famous Basketball player named Doug Christie .  With Dough , she has a daughter, Chantel, and a son, Douglas Jr. from a previous relationship she also has another daughter . Her name is Takiri. Christie and her Husband also co-run their publishing company named The Love Publishing.

Christie became famous with her appearance in the hit TV reality show named The BasketBall Wives. This reality show centers on the experiences of the women who have married or have stayed in relationship with the Professional basketball players.She is one of the most discussed and criticized members of the cast as she herself has a very dominant and hawkish kind of personality. She has also been accused by fellow cast members of being a compulsive liar. Repeated requests were received to evict her from the reality show but somehow  she persisted and managed to stay.

Christie also own her Entertainment and Lifestyle company with the name BSM media. She also owns and is the CEO of a Records company titled Jean Fya Records. Her unusual side is reflected by her quirky ways of conducting her Life’s events. In order to make her husband stay faithful to her , she renews the oath with him on the eve of their Anniversary, every year . Something unheard of before  !