Holly Holm Net worth


Holly Holm Net worth : Holly Holm is a boxer , mixed martial artist and the former Women’s World Champion of  UFC  ( Ultimate Fighting Championship)  who has a Net Worth of $ 4 Million in 2016.  Holly Holm was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in October 1981.  She won the World Title  by defeating the then World Champion Ronda Rousey by a knockout kick which landed on  Ronda’s face and made her unconscious for a few seconds.  For this match, Holly won an amazing  prize money of $200,000 . The break up of this Prize money is  as :  $40,000 basic salary for simply showing up, $50,000 winning bonus, $70,000 Performance of the Night bonus and additional $40,000 from her Reebok sponsorship deal .  In UFC 196 , Holly lost the title to Meisha Tate who choked her unconscious .