Emily Riedel Net Worth


Emily Reidel is a former opera singer and currently a Tv reality Star who has made ample name and fame as of 2016.
She has accomplished this by being a main cast member on the famous Tv reality show Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold. She does not belong to Alaska , but it was her close friend who brought her here . Emily was actively involved in Fishing , which is also her major source of income along with the TV now . Emily Riedel’s net worth is approximately 250 thousand dollars as of 2016.

The Bering Sea Gold is the creation of the Same team who had already created a famous Reality TV show , filed in the sea water ,  The Deadliest Catch. The Bering Sea started off in January of  2012 and proved to a quick success . Since then , the Reality show has bred 6 Seasons , with every next season performing at par or better than the previous season in terms of  Income and popularity .  Emily has been an integral part of the Cast members , since the show’s inception in 2012 .

Emily’s Father , steve ,  works on the Wild ranger as a driver . Zeke Tenoff , who is a friend of Emily and the owner cum Captain of  the drdge  named , THE CLARK , offered Emily a job as the deckhand on The Clark . Emily and Zeke’s relationship was more than just friendship which rose to romance but could not materialize into anything more .

Season 3  of the Bering Gold Sea was a greater challenge for Emily as she was the only Female in a dredge infested with all male crew . The Dredge in this season is named Eroica , which is a suction dredge . Eroica is the same dredge which appeared in Season 2 as The Edge . Erica bought it from  Zeke Tenhoff and renamed it as Eroica

With Every next season , the net worth of Emily is rising . She is now a famous TV figure and quite a house hold name in the geographical areas where this show is watched , especially in Australia , USA , Canada and united kingdom.