Butch Gilliam Net worth


Butch Gilliam is a Texas Based American  Multimillionaire and reality TV star who rose to fame after his appearance in the reality series West Texas Investors Club.  By profession, Gilliam is a Pipes Sales person. But he is no ordinary pipes salesman. He is in fact known for investing in some of the strangest ideas that one can imagine, even by the wildest stretch of one’s imagination. As of 2017, Butch Gilliam’s Networth is estimated to be reaching $170 Million Dollars.   Let’s read some of the most interesting details about this millionaire.

Having been born with the risk-taking instincts, Butch once purchased a patent on flush-joint pipe connection for $200,000. This was a very risky deal but it proved to be the best ever deal made by Butch as he managed to sell it for an amazing $100 Million Dollars. This was a life changing event in his career.

Butch was not always this successful. In fact, a look into his earlier career reveals that he was a below average student and subsequently was dropped out from the college on account of poor grades. He started his career by literally sweeping the floors in his family owned Machine shop named Curley’s.  Fast forwarding to many years, this same boy who once swept the floors reached the rank of the President of the firm.

Butch Gilliam has invested considerable sums in the Reality TV show named  West Texas Investors Club, which started on 4 August 2015. Along with McConaughey,  brother of Oscar-winning actor Matthew,  he has invested almost $ 2 Million Dollars in the show.  The show has been aired on the CNBC  Channel and would be launching its season 2 .