Ben Higgins Net worth

Ben Higgins Net worth:  Ben Higgins is an American Reality TV star who has a Net Worth of $800,000 in 2016. Higgins also works as a Business Analyst for Talisys, but the major chunk of his Net Worth was achieved by working for the Television show.

Ben was born on March 23, 1988, in Denver, Colorado. He appeared in the 11th season of the TV show “Bachelorette“. Being gifted with an impressive height of 6 ft 4 inches (1.92M)  along with cute puppy looks, Ben was a strong contestant to woo the heart of the host of the show “Kaitlyn Bristowe” who was looking for her dream Guy on that show. Ben was sent back to home empty handed. However, in 2016, Ben is returning to the show “Bachelor” as the main star who shall get to cherry pick his “Dream Girl” amongst 28 contestants, including a set of identical twins, ranging in age from 22 to 30.