Bar Refaeli Net Worth

Bar Refaeli is a hot and sizzling  Israeli model, television host, actress and businesswoman who holds  a net worth of  approximately $ 20 Million as of 2015. She is considered to be amongst the top notch models who have managed to make a name on the international modeling scene. Other Models from Israel who made a name world over are Nina Brosh and Michaela Bercu .

Her major sources of income are not limited to modeling alone . She is an intrepid business-women who is privy to all the tips and tricks of conducting a successful business. By dint of her successful investments ,which range over at least three different markets , she has managed to earn herself enough cash to buy a  luxury apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel. This property cost her approximately $2.8 million.

This hot blonde has ventured into the sensual and inner wear . Her Company’s name is This company makes designer underwear and bikinis. Also, She is one of the main investors for cellphone payments startup called MyCheck. As if it was not enough , this  beauty with enough brains and acumen came up with the idea of Mika Look app for iPad that enables people to buy clothes that famous models are wearing.


As beautiful and successful as Rafeli is , she definitely sees no dearth for successful Alpha Men in a long queue to court her .  Her dating list includes the famous Hollywood stud ,Learnado Dicaprio. According to some resources ,  she has also dated David Fisher, Omri Casspi, and Shaun White , each romantic episode remaining for a few months . Since 2013, she has involved herself in a serious relationship  with Israeli businessman Adi Ezra. Hopefully this time the relationship shall see the day of light and they shall get married and live the much fabled  Happily ever after .  We shall update you on this soon .