Todd Hoffman Networth and Pay per Episode

Todd Hoffman is a professional Gold miner alongside being  a reality TV star , on one of the most famous Shows of Discovery channel named Gold Rush . He has earned himself some  a decent name , fame and cash by virtue of this Reality TV show . As of 2106 , Todd has amassed a net worth of $400,000 approximately .  Let’s explore some further details in the adventurous life of this Miner .

Todd is the son of  Jack Hoffman , who accompanies Todd in the show . Jack Hoffman is a seasoned gold miner , who could never realize the dream of minting lots of money by exploring reasonable quantities of gold . After many years of expeditions  during 1980’s ,  Jack lost heart and returned back to his home with empty handed . 

Todd was engaged in the aviation industry before he jumped into the Gold Mining .  In fact , the Aviation industry was struck by a decline in the Oregon area and this as the calling for Todd to try his luck in something new . And by a twist of fate , he stumbled upon the previous Profession of his Father ; Gold mining . Accompanied by He headed to Alaska to add flesh to the bare bones of his dream of becoming a gold miner .

Accompanied by  six other friends , Todd headed to Porcupine Creek, Alaska to add flesh to the bare bones of his dream of becoming a gold miner . All his six friends were also battling with unemployment . During the First season , which was aired in December 2010 , the whole gold digging was carried out in Alaska . The show was called “Gold Rush Alaska ” in those days . The show  moved to the Yukon, Canada for season two, and subsequently changed its name as per the destination where it was filmed and recorded . Todd and His team have continued their gold search outside of Alaska in remote areas of Guyana, Chile and Peru. The show is going pretty strong in its’ Season 7 .

Todd has definitely found himself an unconventional stream of income ; ie. through the reality TV show . Although he is earning decent income from the show , but still none can say that he is a millionaire . But who knows , what future holds for him and his sober looking dad , who is a very devout religious person .