Terra Jole Net Worth


Terra Jole  Net Worth : Terra Jole  is a Texas-born Reality Tv Star with a height of 1.27 meters , and she has a net worth of  500,000 Dollars in 2016.  Her height , four feet 2 inches , made her an ideal cast member for the reality Tv shows such as: Little Women: LA and Little Women: Terra’s Little Family.

Terra was born May 25, 1980 in Comal County, Texas. her journey as an actress bore fruit since she appeared in a number of hit Tv shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Tales from Beyond, and Midgets Vs. Mascots. Besides that, she appeared as herself on Jackass 3D, Chelsea Lately, Entertainment Tonight, and many other shows.

Jole displayed her multiple talents when she released her single  “Booty Bee” in 2014.  Besides this, she is making some waves on social media as well , as she has attracted almost 170,000 followers o Instagram.

Marital Status : Elena is happily married and has a beautiful daughter named Penelope. Her husband is one of the fellow cast members in the Little Woman show ,   Joe Gnoffo .They married in June 2015