Kim Kardashian West Net Worth

As she needs no introduction , Kim Kardashian West is a reality TV star and a Media personality who holds a net worth of stellar $ 85 Million , as of 2016 . Kim is the Queen of not only her Fan’s hearts who salivate at her luscious body but also she is the princess of Scandals . Kim knows the art of  making ad retaining her own name as a brand and she can go to any stretch of imagination to make Media chase her . So how has she made such mammoth Wealth ?  let’s Explore .

Kim makes an annual income of nearly $ 30 Million . Isn’t it an ” oh my god ” moment for you ?  yes , this voluptuous Tv reality star who can make almost any Man lose his heart at the drop of her eyebrows has earned enormous wealth throughout past many years now .  Her biggest source of income remains her reality TV show Keeping up With Kardashians.

She is married to famous Rapper Kayne West  .  In 2014, Kayne & Kim sold their real-estate in Bel-Air and bought majestic mansion in Hidden Hills, California for unbelievable $20 million.  The mansion boasts of   its world-class  pools ,  spas  and a luxuriant Vineyard along with countless other amenities .

So you must be wondering now what are the Sources of income  of  this hot lady ? In a nutshell , she is not missing any part of her private Life to become a hot seller for Media ; ranging from her Wedding Pics to Childbirth. To the extent that her bedroom adventure , Sex Tape  brought her $ 5 Million ins settlement cash with the distributing company who was minting money by leaking her passionate private moments .

Kim’s contribution to help her family’s financial  rise from the ashes to the zenith is not a hidden mystery . Had it not been for her , Kardashian family could never have attained the wealth and name which they are cashing now . The whole Kardashian family has now become the ” Sweet Heart Of the Media ” .  They live in the most luxurious localities in California ; each owning their own mansion .  Each of Kim’s sisters has made her own name and Brand and they have ventured into varieties of Businesses like: Shoe Line , lingerie Line , jewelry and even  real state .  All thanks to  Kim’s bold and sensual endeavors and Voluptuous Body which made her noticeable .