Simon Cowell Net Worth

Simon Cowell Net Worth:  Simon Cowell is a British actor, producer and Music Executive, who is worth $ 550 Million.  He was born in Lambert, London on Oct 7, 1959.  Adding up his yearly income from various business ventures amounts to yearly $95 Million. But his professional life was not an instant success.  He had his fair share of ups and downs in his professional life. First of all, he went to work for his father, Eric Phillip Cowell, who was an executive at EMI Music Publishing.  Simon marveled in that company to higher stature but later on he left the company and formed his own Record Company with the name E&S Music. Later on, he made another company with the name S-Records.

Simon Cowell’ company S records did not succeed with the Music Artists as much as it succeeded with the Novelty releases from the Drama Series. Some of the most famous one being “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ” and “The Wiggles”.

Simon Cowell co-judged the famous British reality TV show named “The Pop Idol” in 2001. This reality show was an instant hit. The fame and success of ” The Pop Idol” resulted in an offer of a similarly styled reality show named  “The American Idol”.  Simon was pocketing $33 Million per season for judging this show.

In 2010, Simon judged the American Idol for the last time. He then launched his own reality show with the name “The X Factor “.  This show “X Factor” along with “TheBritain’s Got Talent”  is produced by a sister company titled “SychoTV” of  Simon’s  newest label named  SYCO. Simon is using the talent that he hunts from the reality shows for recording labels using his company SYCO. These TV show endeavors along with his Music ventures are making Simon $ 95 Million per year.