Shane Dawson Net Worth

Shane Dawson is an actor , film director and a Video Blogger who has a stellar Networth of $2 Million as of 2015.
Fame and wealth were not new to him as an actor but with the changing times , he tread  the well-trodden path of making youtube video’s from the comfort of his home and adding cash to his coffers while he sleeps . V loggers earn through the advertisement displayed at their channels .

Shane had a body dysmorphic disorder but it did not impede his success streak . He was always a distinct figure as he was once found Pole dancing and filming in his previous job , from which he was kicked out for breaking the decorum.  But good for him , as  now Dawson lives in luxury home in Hollywood, California with his 4 dogs and 2 cats.

Dawson made his YouTube channel in 2008. It was called ShaneDawsonTV.  In 2015 , Dawson came up with a hilarious parody on one of Taylor Swift’s songs. However, this content was deleted from YouTube since Taylor’s record company saw it as a violation of  their copyright. Let’s see what Dawson has for us in his cap for future videos.