Sam Pepper net worth

Sam pepper  is a British comedian and internet star who became famous for his Youtube Vids and he has earned himself a Networth of $1.1 Million as of 2016. His youtube channel is titled as OFFICIAL Sampepper . He enjoys a following of 2.3 Million subscribers at his youtube channel ; a great following has been garnered by this young talented comedian .

Sam was a graffiti artist . In 2010 , a series of events helped him clinch a role in the cast of BIG BROTHER on the 73rd day of the show . He could have disappeared into oblivion but he managed to maintain his fame and presence by launching himself on the youtube channel . His videos , in the start , were about Pranks .

He collaborated with another YouTuber, Mark Ludford. Sam knows the art of “Scarcity” , as he made all of his videos Private , with no prior notice in Feb of 2016 . However , he returned back in April . And definitely he is set to create lots of juicy content for his viewers.