How Much does Faze Rug Make ?

Brian Awadis  popularly known as Faze Rug , is an American Youtuber  and Video gamer who currently holds a net worth of $1.5 Million , as of 2018 .  Are you wondering How does he make this impressive stash of Money ?  Well , we shall be revealing it to you in a minute .  Just Stay put !

You tube pays you for bringing it audience . No matter  what you do  , other than illegitimate and unlawful content , if you are adding substantial value to the audience of the you tube , then  you become a profit holder in the advertisement business of you tube .  Faze Rug is doing the very same .  Guess How many Subscribers he has on you tube ? 

Being a member of the world famous Call of Duty Clan , faze Rug is entertaining the you tube audience with his expertise in playing games . He has managed to amass almost 7.2 Million Subscribers  and he is showing no signs of stopping.   Do you know Where Faze Rug is actually from ?   Did you guess , USA ?  


Faze Rug is actually the Child of Iraqi immigrants so his roots actually belong to IRAQ .  He was born November 19, 1996 in San Diego, California . His real name is Brian .  He is a University Drop out by  choice , as he wanted to focus solely on his online income .

Faze’s Critics allegedly take him some one who is being consumed by His Pride  . He has also been tainted as being arrogant and too much  Pompous .  But this doesn’t take from him the fact that he is getting richer dayin and day out  and that his subscription is rising day in and day out on youtube .

He enjoys a prestigious position amongst the  top brass of Faze Clan  . The whole clan must be such thankful to the video game Call of Duty for making them rich kids . Lets see what future holds for this call of duty gang but as of now , the sun and Luck is smiling upon them  .