Doug the pug net worth

Doug the Pug is a an American Celebrity dog who enjoys a net worth of  500 thousand in 2017 . His owner’s name is Leslie Mosier who is responsible for training him and introducing him to the entire Social media world . So what made this dog such a celebrated celebrity ?   Here is his secret .  Lets Read ahead .

As of  December 2017  ,  Doug’s own YouTube channel enjoys nearly 136 thousand subscribers and more than  10 Million views .  Leslie has posted  99 videos of Doug the Pug .  As of Instagram , Doug the pug has more than 3 Million followers as of  December , 2017 .

Doug  the Pub was born is 2012 in the American state of Ohio . His owner,Leslie was always keen to have a Pug and luckily she got Pug in 2013 . She quickly named him Doug the Pug as she had chosen this name for her future pug back when she was only 13 years of age. Leslie used to work for an artist management company and she was privy about the Social media campaigns and pages’ management . She utilized her experience in managing Social media to the fullest and started posted Doug’s photos and videos which ultimately culminated in making Doug a star dog .