Mike Holmes Net worth


Michael James Holmes, aka Mike Holmes  is a Canadian businessman, investor, television host, and philanthropist who has managed to amass a net worth of whooping $ 25 Million Dollars . Such massive net worth is uncommon in the league of his professionals . He is now a popular media personality as well and he has quite a compelling demand for Reality TV shows as a Judge . Would you Like to know how he accomplished this ?  Here it is .

Mike was born on born August 3, 1963 in Ontario Canada . His parents were middle-class people . Learning the art of house renovation from his father, he first started out with 13 people at the age of 19, and two years later founded his own company. Mike was an innovator from the start . His hunger was to make the House renovation much more than what was being practiced in that era . He started making his dream come true by forming  The Holmes Foundation.

Holmes foundation was started with a Philanthropic Motive in mind as well .
It was started out with a social cause to involve youth and work in the damaged sites, to provide shelter for affected people. The motive was to employ the youth and help repair the Damaged houses struck by natural calamities . This noble cause soon became such famous that it’s news  reached the House Of Commons , inCanadian parliament . The Canadian government entitled  him as  “an accomplished master builder with a social conscience” and an “extraordinary craftsperson.

In 2001 , Mike took an initiative when he approached the HGTV and gave them the unique idea of starting a reality show meant at creating awareness about Safe house building and exposing bad contractors  and renovations gone bad . This would make the people more aware of the importance of Living in  secured houses . As a result, they came out together with Holmes on Homes, which by its 4th season had gained immense popularity and a large fanbase  especially in  United States, New Zealand, Australia and the UK .  He continued in his successor TV series, Holmes Inspection.