Jesse Wellens Net Worth

Jesse Wellens  is a  famous youtube celebrity and a prankster who does most of his vids with his hot girlfriend  Jeanna and their combined Net worth is estimated around  $223,000 monthly and $2.26 million estimated yearly income across both accounts after YouTube’s 45% cut . This couple runs two youtube channels with the titles BFvsGF  & Prank VS Prank .  Let’s take a look at more of the spicy stuff about this couple and their income sources .

Most of their videos comprise of them cracking various hidden camera pranks at each other . PrankvsPrank began after Jesse convinced his girlfriend to allow him to film her as she would eat a spoonful of cinnamon. The resulting video went viral . Jeanna then decided to avenge Jesse for the Cinnamon ordeal he made her pass through.  She settled the score by filming her smacking Jesse in the head with a pan.

As of right now, BFvsGF channel has over 6 million subscribers and 5 billion views.  Some of the most recent ones of the videos include  Crying Challenge and Pancake Art Challenge. Jesse and Jeanna have an amazing chemistry together which becomes such interesting to watch online . In 2012, they played king Leonidas and beautiful Queen Gorgo in the web show Epic Rap Battles of History. USA Today named them the best pranksters on YouTube in 2013.

The cute couple has a long  road of success , fame , Love and Net worth ahead . Since they are now enjoying a steady source of income , therefore it is obvious that they shall keep gracing youtube with more and more of their funny content for years to come . Let’s see how they keep amusing their audience in the  future as well .