Hickok45 Net Worth


Hickok45 is a you tube celebrity and a fire arms expert who has managed to make his presence felt in the kind of audience who loves to see new  fire arms being tested and taught . As of 2018 , Hickok45  Net worth is amounting to almost  $ 300  thousand dollars . Do you know his real name  and his previous Profession ?

Hickok45  is a lover of Cowboy movies and outfits . His taste is manifested profusely by the outfits he
wears while shooting his you tube videos . His cameraman is none other than his own son named Jhon. Hickok45 real name is  Greg Kinman . 

Before Greg dedicated himself to making you tube videos , he was a dedicated English Teacher. He only started his you tube channel after he retired from his teaching job. He is mostly shooting Videos of weapons dating back to Wild West Times .  Let  us tell you  a Strange Fact about him .

Greg is a reasonably big celeb on the you tube as he enjoys a following of 2.9 Million as of 2018 and his video’s have enjoyed more than 700 Million views , but still Greg refuses to monetize his videos .   It is also interesting to note that more than once his channel has been BANNED from You tube  .  But luckily , his channels were reinstated after a short span of few weeks .