Gene Cheeseman Net Worth

Gene Cheeseman is a gold miner and a  reality TV star who is a part of the Cast members of famous reality TV show Gold Rush . Gold Rush is an unscripted reality show aimed at filming the challenges which gold miners face during their tortuous and cumbersome mining campaigns . Cheeseman is a very skilled man . In his team , he is performing the role of a Skipper and foreman . He is earning handsome Salary and now that he is on the show as well , therefore he is getting an extra check from the discovery channel as well . Cheeseman’s total net worth , as of 2016 , has been estimated at $250,000 . Not bad for a guy of his profession .

Cheeseman is a part of the Team of Parker Schnabel’s team ; a seventeen years old energetic and committed young man who belongs to the Schnabel family which are in the gold mining since generations .  Cheeseman joined the parker’s team in the fourth season at a very critical juncture when Parker was trying to mine gold from a very complex and topsy-turvy terrain of the Scribner Creek gold deposit.

Gold Mining is a very Challenging yet very rewarding field . Despite the challenges it entails , there are uncountable avenues of success . For example :  At the end of sixth season, Parker crew found 3,372 ounces of gold . The market value for this much of gold is  $3.5 million in total . The Hoffman team mined slightly over 3,000 ounces of  gold at the end of the sixth season . This much gold amounts to nearly $ 3 Million Dollars .

 Cheeseman was extremely useful for the team since he had a long experience in the construction work . Cheeseman was a licensed contractor before he joined Parker . He had spent years in the Real State Development but since this sector has its own share of ups and downs , so Cheeseman had to look for better opportunities . Cheeseman has continued in the fifth season and later seasons as well .

Gene Cheeseman could not carry on with parker and they separated their ways . But this did not oust Cheeseman from the Gold Rush . He joined another crew named Beets Crew . So as of now , Gene is employed as a skipper , in the Viking Dredge at the Eureka Creek Claim.

Cheeseman who is a part of Tony beet’s Team is perhaps the most successful team on the show as per some sources .
Tony Beets Net Worth is estimated around $7 to $10 million and maybe more, a lot more.Tony owes his success to the constant encouragement from his wife , Minni , his daughter Monica beets and his son Kevin who are hand in gloves with Tony’s Mining operations .  When it comes to the Gold Rush Alaska Show, we certainly can’t forget about Gene Cheeseman, who keeps the antique gold dredge operating.