Fareed Zakria Net Worth


Fareed Zakaria is an Indian-American author  , journalist and an anchor , presently employed in CNN and he holds a net worth of $ 4 Million as of 2016 .  He hails from a very literate and learned family . Fareed’s father was an adjunct islamic scholar from India and his Mother was a journalist and editor of “Sunday Times of India” .

Fareed was born in Mumbai , India . His long list of accomplishments has been recognized both in  his present home USA as well as in  his paternal home , India . He won the “India Abroad” individual in 2008. Fareed was endowed with  “Padma Bhushan” award by the  Indian government in 2010.

Fareed is  currently living in New york and he happily married Paula Throckmorton. They have two daughters.  Fareed’s career is rife with accomplishments . His success can be gauged from the fact that at the early age of 28 , he became Managing Editor of the magazine “Foreign Affairs”.  Fareed has also served as the editor of “Newsweek International” ( year:2000) and of the famous magazine  ” Time”. As of now , Fareed is hosting a very popular current affairs and political show on CNN with the name  “Fareed Zakaria GPS”.