Chelsea Clinton net worth
Chelsea Clinton net worth:  Chelsea Clinton is the only child of Former Us President Bill Clinton and the present Democratic Presidential Nominee Ms. Hillary Clinton and her Networth is $15 Million. From 2011 up to 2014 , She was in the journalism field as a special correspondent in the NBC news . Currently she is giving her services in the Clinton Foundation and Clinton global initiative. Now she also enjoys the privilege of being Board member of the Clinton Foundation.  As part of her work, she gives paid speeches to raise money with her fees going directly to the foundation, whose goals relate to improving global health, creating opportunities for women, and promoting economic growth.
She was born on February 27, 1980. Chelsea’s name was inspired by a visit to the Chelsea neighborhood of London during a Christmas 1978 vacation. Hillary relates that Bill Clinton remarked, “If we ever have a daughter, her name should be Chelsea”  upon hearing the song  “Chelsea Morning”.
She earned a Majors in history from the university of Standford . Her Mother Hillary wrote an open letter in her syndicated column where she asked the journalists to not keep an eye on her daughter’s student life. Her room in the dorm was fitted with a bullet proof glass . The secret service agents were always present in the dorm under the guise of students.  he graduated in 2001 from Standford.

In 2001 , she opted for the Masters from the Oxford University ; the same University from where her father had done his Masters in Political Sciences.  Here she was criticized by the University’s administration for her comments that she recorded with the Talk Magazine :

Every day I encounter some sort of anti-American feeling. Over the summer, I thought I would seek out non-Americans as friends, just for diversity’s sake. Now I find that I want to be around Americans – people who I know are thinking about our country as much as I am

In 2010 , She was married to Mark  Mezvinsky who is an investment banker . Clintons and Mezvinkys have been friends since the 1990’s. And with this marriage their friendship has turned into a family bond.

Chelsea Clinton ( Quick Description )

Profession : Businessperson
Date of Birth
Feb 27, 1980 (36 years old)
Businessperson, Politician, Consultant, Journalist
United States of America
5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
White American
Scotch-Irish American
Chelsea Victoria Clinton, Chel, Chels, CC, Energy