Andreana Kostantina Tantaros Net worth

Andreana Kostantina Tantaros is an American conservative political analyst and  Fox News commentator who enjoys a net worth of  astounding $ 1.5 Million .  She is speculated to have been enjoying a yearly salary  ranging between $150k to$ 300 K , which is not bad at all .  She was hosting two programs on The Fox channel . She sued Fox News in August 2016, claiming sexual harassment.

Andreana has a greek ancestry which gifted her with some voluptuous and attention-grabbing physical assets . She is usually dressed in a conservative manner on her shows but this does not veil her charisma and appeal . Apart from her alluring physical assets she enjoys the gifts of being a vociferous speaker and audacious inquirer . She can make , even the most experienced of her guests , perspire with her in-depth knowledge about the political affairs .

To our surprise,  she is dating a bad boy from the Rock band Dave Navarro. Dave is the lead guitarist for the  rock band Jane’s Addiction. We find it hard to believe since Andreana holds an  image of a conservative personality while dave is well known for his Bad boy past .  To shed more light on Dave , he is the Ex-husband of the Carmen Electra .