Wolf Blitzer Net Worth

Wolf Blitzer is an American Newscaster  and a journalist , with german roots , and he holds a Net worth of amazing $16 Million dollars. He is definitely one of the leading and most earning newscasters of  this industry . CNN is famous for offering lucrative paychecks to its employees and Blitzer’s Salary is a proof of that . Are you wondering how much is his Monthly Salary ?  Well , Keep reading , we shall disclose in a moment .

Wolf was born on March 1948 in Wolf has German ancestry Augsburg, Germany . His parents being holocaust survivors moved to USA and settled in  Buffalo ,NewYork . He initiated his journalism career  with the Reuters news agency in Tel Aviv. Later , he joined an Israeli English Newspaper as a Washington correspondent . Wolf is well versed in Hebrew and he is a devout Jew.

He joined CNN in 1990 as a military affairs report . Prior to that he made his name by writing a Book which made it to the New York Times’ “Notable Books of the Year” list. Wolf has to his name the coverage of some momentous events in the history . He is known for the coverage of is coverage of the Jonathon Pollard trial in 1986 and also the coverage of GULF WAR . He later kept progressing in his career and soon became the white house correspondent of CNN in 1992.

Talking of the accolades & awards , Wolf has won  an Emmy Award for covering the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 . Later , for covering Hurricane Katrina , he won  George Foster Peabody Award . He has also been bequeathed with  honorary Doctorates from George Washington University, Niagara University, Penn State University, the University of Hartford, and Howard University.

Now coming to the Icing on the cake . What is Wolf’s Monthly Salary . Make a guess ? This adjunct Media personality is making $ 5 Million dollars a year . Now , you do the Maths .