Stevie J net worth:

Stevie J net worth:  Steve J is an American Singer, Tv Personality, Songwriter, and Record producer whose Net Worth is $ 5 Million. He was born in Buffalo, Newyork on November 2, 1971. His real name is Steven Aaron Jordan. He was raised by his father alone as his mother had abandoned the family.

Steve J has worked with some artists; the most scintillating ones being PDaddy, Lill Wayne, and Jay-Z.  He was working with the band named Total when Stevie got a major break in the industry for the first time as the President of Bad Boy Entertainment named  Sean P.Daddy Combs spotted him. Combs became deeply impressed by Stevi’s musical and vocal talents.

After joining the Bad Boy Entertainment, he played his part more on behind the scenes as compared to on the Mic. This was the time when he proved his mettle in the songwriting and producing area. He produced the majority of 112‘s first album.  Later on, his work with Notorious BIG  put him on the hip-hop stage. Stevie J produced Biggie’s entire second album B.I.G.: Life After Death. This album includes classic tracks like “Nasty Boys “, “Notorious Thugs” and “Mo Money Mo Problems”. The album, Life After Death has sold over a whopping 20 million copies world over. Stevie has also worked outside the Bad Boy Entertainment with superstars like Mariah Carey. He was nominated for the Grammy Awards for this album; especially for the song “Honey” which stole the hearts of millions across the whole globe.

In 2012, Stevie J appeared on the reality TV show named “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”. In this reality show , he has been shown as being stuck in a Love triangle between a Puerto Rican rapper Joseline Hernandez and his then girlfriend, Mimi Faust. This love triangle led to the parting of ways between Stevie and his girlfriend Mimi and his marrying to the Puerto Rican rapper, Joseline.

In 2014, Stevie found himself in grave trouble when he was arrested on the charges of not paying for the child support of his children from his previous girlfriend. He was bound to pay  6600 $  in child support after the date of his separation with his girlfriend in 1999. Not only was that child support payment increased to $8500 but also Stevie was ordered to pay $1.1 million to make up for the number of missed years that he had skipped paying for the child support.

In 2016, Jordan announced that he would be producing and starring in a movie “That Time of the Month.” The movie is set to be released by the end of the year.

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Record producer
Date of Birth
Nov 2, 1971 (44 years old)
Record producer, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actor
United States of America
African American
J, Stevie, Steven Jordan, S. Jordan