Optic scump net worth


Seth Anber who is famous for online nickname Optic Scump is a master Call of Duty player who possesses a Net worth of $700,000 as of 2016 . He owns a Youtube channel as well which is currently being the biggest source of his income . He is actually uploading his Call of Duty  competition videos on Youtube and in the process he has amassed amazing number of youtube following . He has nearly 1 million subscribers on youtube .

From different championships , his total prize money is so far $150,000, including $30,000 prize from a 2014 Call of Duty Championship . He has immaculate gaming skills. He is also a part of American eSports team named Optic Gaming. Seth managed to win Major League Gaming Championship four times.

Seth was born in Canada . his family moved to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania while he was still in his high school.Since he turned his passion for gaming into a profession , Seth is showing no signs of retreat . In 2015, he already won $57,000 in prize money and he managed to beat  his own record from 2014.

As of his love life , he is dating a hot gamer named Kenz . It is in the air that they have broken up but this soon to be millionaire is obviously in no dearth of beautiful girls who drool over his skills and his good looks .